Salt Pig Kitchen Tool Bloomingdales Chef Ninamarie

A large part of basic culinary 101 is properly seasoning your food – and a huge part of seasoning is the utilization of salt.   Getting your salting down right is a talent, or a skill that can take a lot of trial and error.  Salt:  it can make or break a dish, as we all know.

Having a salt pig by your side is a helpful convenient way to hold your salt.  I think that in order to season well, you need to touch and feel it with your fingers.  This way, the whole process becomes a natural practice and you can eventually gauge your salting by your sense of touch.  Then of course followed by your tasting sense to double check.   I don’t like using a salt shaker in the kitchen.  I like to grab the salt and feel my way through.

A salt pig is the given name for a ceramic vessel that holds salt.  They typically have a large opening for easy accessibility during cooking and have either a curved shape or dome like design to help protect the salt from dust, debris and possible contamination.   The ceramic material also helps reduce moisture so the salt stays like salt.

So get yourself a salt pig and fill it with your preferred choice of sodium chloride!  I always and only use Diamond Crystal kosher salt, but that’s my personal preference.

Check out my pig here!

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