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Roasted Pork Apples Fall Slaw Shaved Brussle Sprouts Chef Ninamarie Fall Recipes Pulled Pork The Taste Ooh La La Catering

I officially made my first fall meal of the year this weekend and had to share. What can be better than some perfect Roasted Pork, [which happens to be so simple to make, it's a one pan situation], with fresh chunky Apple Sauce, then topped with crunchy shaved deliciousness. I’m calling it ‘Fall Slaw’.  We’re taking […]

Peeler Grill Lighter Best Efficent Kitchen Tools Catering Chef Ceramic Butane Outdoor Utility

Efficiency is key.  Sometimes you just have to take a step back, look around, and ask yourself if your tools are doing their job to the best of its abilities—and it’s the little things that really count, like peelers and lighters. THE PEELER:  Silly me.  For some reason, I became loyal to a certain type […]

Wedge Salad Grilled Romaine Lettuce Spring Recipe Radish Blue Cheese Tomatoes Healthy Chef Ninamarie Ooh La La Catering

We have a perpetual weakness for the wedge salad over here at Ooh La La. You can commonly find me ordering it when having a casual meal at a bar [likely to be accompanied by martinis & oysters]. First off, I love the fact that I get to use a steak knife to cut into […]

Sandwich Challenge The Taste ABC Anthony Bourdain Ninamarie Bojekian Beef Carpaccio Tartar Fried Green Tomatoe Nigella Lawson Episode 5

This challenge was a challenge to say the least.  Making a sandwich is a simple enough task at face value, but when you’re cooking for your life, simple isn’t simple anymore.  I must say that I have no idea how this sandwich initially evolved for me, but it did.  The second we were faced with this challenge, […]

The Taste Daring Pairings Barolo Wine Chef Ninamarie Bojekian ABC Anthony Bourdain Nigella Lawson Episode 4 104

I had the time of my life during the Dairng Pairings episode of “The Taste”.  This particular challenge really allowed me to show off what I got, while further strengthening my dedication as a wino. For the elimination challenge, I decided to choose the wine I wanted to work with first and then build a […]

Chef Chic Kitchen Fashion Isabel Marant Sneakers Nixon Watch Uniqlo Pants Houndstooth Leather Knife Doctor Bag Ninamarie Bojekian

As well as always being on the hunt for awesome olive oils, bright produce and quality meats, I also keep an eye out for cool clothes, shoes and accessories that I can wear in action.  If you find something with style that can also assist in a functional way, then go for it.  Here are […]

The Taste ABC Ninamarie Bojekian Anthony Bourdain

The blind auditions are over, and the teams have been picked on ABC’s “The Taste”. We are ecstatic that Ooh La La’s Ninamarie Bojekian was one of the four selected by Anthony Bourdain during the blind auditions. Bourdain chose Ninamarie after tasting her Spiced Chilean Sea Bass with Spicy Corn Porridge, Butterscotch, Pickled Apple Cilantro […]

Spiked Punch Holiday Drink Cocktail Pear Cirtus Ice Block Flowers Roses Rosemary Party Ideas Chef Ninamarie Recipe

Everything comes back in style—and as it seems, the punch bowl is back. But instead of serving red fructose corn syrup, sitting sadly in the corner of the room, next to the ambrosia salad, step it up a with a craft cocktail. Make your punch the center of attention by displaying your liquid in an […]

When you have no electricity during a power outage, it can get a little tricky finding something good to eat.  You may need to be a little resourceful.  Just as I was about to put my freshly made lasagna in the oven the other day, our power failed.  Luckily we had a generator, so I […]

national oatmeal day savory chef ninamarie cooking unique oatmeal recipe smoked mozzarella muchroom fricassee

Oatmeal, a breakfast staple, takes its place at dinner table The Record, October 29, 2012 Better Living, By Elyse Toribio Link to full article Local chef Ninamarie Bojekian often turns to the whole grain to make a quick and hearty meal for herself after a long day of cooking for others. “Adding a little salt, […]