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Peeler Grill Lighter Best Efficent Kitchen Tools Catering Chef Ceramic Butane Outdoor Utility

Efficiency is key.  Sometimes you just have to take a step back, look around, and ask yourself if your tools are doing their job to the best of its abilities—and it’s the little things that really count, like peelers and lighters. THE PEELER:  Silly me.  For some reason, I became loyal to a certain type […]

Chef Chic Kitchen Fashion Isabel Marant Sneakers Nixon Watch Uniqlo Pants Houndstooth Leather Knife Doctor Bag Ninamarie Bojekian

As well as always being on the hunt for awesome olive oils, bright produce and quality meats, I also keep an eye out for cool clothes, shoes and accessories that I can wear in action.  If you find something with style that can also assist in a functional way, then go for it.  Here are […]

Salt Pig Kitchen Tool Bloomingdales Chef Ninamarie

A large part of basic culinary 101 is properly seasoning your food – and a huge part of seasoning is the utilization of salt.   Getting your salting down right is a talent, or a skill that can take a lot of trial and error.  Salt:  it can make or break a dish, as we all […]

Kitchen Shoes Chef Boots Frye Fashion Kicks 2

When looking for suitable foot wear in the kitchen, I try to think outside the box.  Clogs and Crocs aren’t for everybody and I remember having a wave of anxiety when I saw the preferred approved list of shoes to choose from during orientation at the French Culinary Institute. The rule of toe when looking for kitchen […]

Lemon Juicer Cooking Best Kitchen Tools Squeeze Me Pampered Chef 2

This is hands down my most loved and most used kitchen tool. It’s simple and there’s not much to it. The concept is basic and brilliant and it’s been around forever. It’s simple stupid. Yet, surprisingly, not everyone’s kitchen is stocked with one of these. Why would anyone waste their time with one of those […]