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As well as always being on the hunt for awesome olive oils, bright produce and quality meats, I also keep an eye out for cool clothes, shoes and accessories that I can wear in action. 

If you find something with style that can also assist in a functional way, then go for it. 

Here are some of my favorite finds:

1) These awesome printed legging pants by Uniqlo are my #1. I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally find ‘chef pants’ that didn’t look like government issued slacks that made me look like I had tree stubs for legs.  These pants come in a bunch of different colors and prints.  Several of the prints are cool plaids and checks, which is perfect for a chef– including the classic black & white houndstooth.  Very affordable, lightweight and formfitting with a delicate drawstring.  Easy to wash too.  I have several pairs for kitchen and street wear.

2) Check out this cool watch by Nixon. I always prefer a rubber band watch over a metal link while working.  The price point is nice and I like the black & white color– sticking with the houndstooth look.  The fun function on this watch for me is that it tells the temperature (this way you can really confirm how hot it when you are sweating your ass off), and the countdown timer for obvious reasons.  Being that it’s digital is a plus for me because when I need to know the time while I’m running around at an event with my mind all over the place, I don’t need think *too hard about it.

3) I take footwear very seriously, and when I’m not working, comfort and function tends to be low on the list.  However, when I am working, I need a shoe that will be comfortable and functional.   With that said, sensibility doesn’t have to equal dowdy.  It can be fun, chic and playful too.  I love love love wearing my Isabel Marant Bobby suede sneakers when in the kitchen and at events. This sneaker has a built in concealed 3.5” heel.  Wearing this wedged sneaker gives me that little height I desire and the femininity I like to carry when cooking.

4) And finally, the knife bag.  I have carried around my knife roll for years and years.  I loved all of the memories it carried with it as well– the melted velcro, the burnt hole on the lower left side, the torn shoulder strap.  It was time for an upgrade and I’ve had my eye out for something other than the typical polyester knit.  I figured that why shouldn’t my professional bag that I lug around all over be just as important as my handbags.  After searching and searching for unique knife bags, I came up with this idea of using a doctor bag instead.  The functionalities of the 2 are one in the same for the most part.  You can find some beautiful leather doctor bags– classic styles yet modern sleek.  This style bag is big right now as is, so it’s perfect.  I needed to make sure to find a bag that is at least 15” long, in order to fit my longest knife.  Just make sure to buy knife covers.  A perfect bag to fit your blades and favorite little gadgets on the go.  These bags scream professional chic.  I will be carrying around this lovely Italian on my arm.

- Ninamarie Bojekian

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