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When looking for suitable foot wear in the kitchen, I try to think outside the box.  Clogs and Crocs aren’t for everybody and I remember having a wave of anxiety when I saw the preferred approved list of shoes to choose from during orientation at the French Culinary Institute.

The rule of toe when looking for kitchen footwear is seeking out 3 important functions.  Firstly, it has to be durable and protective.   Secondly, it should be supportable and comfortable; even after you’ve been on your feet for hours.  Lastly, it has to be slip resistant.

I always have an eye out for shoes that will do all 3 and look good, while adding to my personal style.  About 5 years ago, I was into wearing skate boarding sneakers in the kitchen.  They are heavy, supportive and slip resistant.  I figured if they were designed to help grip on a board on wheels, then I should be fine running around slippery busy kitchens.  I was right and they worked great and looked kind-of cute too.

Now, you can commonly find me and a few others on the Ooh La La team sporting Frye boots when on the job.    My personal favorite pair is their Rogan Studded lace up boots.  These boots are tough with a little pop of retro glam.  I call them my ass kickin’ boots.  Frye carries tons of shoes suitable for long hours in the kitchen— real work boots with style.  From their riding to motorcycle inspired looks, these quality boots and shoes are definitely worth every penny.

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