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This is hands down my most loved and most used kitchen tool. It’s simple and there’s not much to it. The concept is basic and brilliant and it’s been around forever. It’s simple stupid. Yet, surprisingly, not everyone’s kitchen is stocked with one of these. Why would anyone waste their time with one of those hand held wooden citrus reamers to only have to waste more of their time picking out the seeds and/or straining the pulp?

I absolutely love my Breville Cast Citrus Juicer when making fresh juices and when larger juicing jobs are called for– it’s smooth and effortless. But when I need to juice 1 to a few lemons or limes on the fly while cooking, I grab my beloved little manual juicer by The Pampered Chef. I have had this particular one for at least 7 years and use it on a daily basis. Its 8oz clear base doubles as a measuring cup and you can use it as a bowl to finish off your fresh dressings right in there. Easy and super efficient!

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