Chef Ninamarie Bojekian

Executive Chef/Owner

Our Executive Chef & Owner, Ninamarie Bojekian, will be the essential provider for your catering needs. Ninamarie continually builds her signature collection of dishes, recipes & cocktails. Her innovative approach and strong sense of cultural style along with her culinary talents is reflective of her boutique service.  For more information

Maria Bojekian

Managing Partner

Maria Bojekian is a pivotal part of our team. We call her “The Captain”. For most large events, Maria is there, making sure the client is satisfied and that everything is running smoothly. She’s a stickler for detail and a favorite to work with among our clients.

Chef Jessica Marotta

Executive Pastry Chef

Don’t let her size fool you. Chef Jessica’s bold and luscious desserts are incredible and always grab the attention they deserve. From her amazingly rich & smooth chocolate budino to her nostalgically fun & chill creamsicle cups and mallowmar bars, Jessica knows what she’s doing. Her doughs and batters don’t stop at dessert. She makes fresh breads, pastas, pizzas and more. You might recognize Chef Jessica from the second season of Food Network’s Sweet Genius.