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Efficiency is key.  Sometimes you just have to take a step back, look around, and ask yourself if your tools are doing their job to the best of its abilities—and it’s the little things that really count, like peelers and lighters.

THE PEELER:  Silly me.  For some reason, I became loyal to a certain type of peel.  I adopted it may years ago just because it was available, typical, and cheap.  I would grab a bunch when doing my semi-annual pick up of new tools.  I would use them, they would rust, and then I would dispose.  A new peeler fell into my lap recently and now I live in regret.  I could have been in peeling bliss for all of these years instead of settling on those dull Swiss things.

This Kyocera Peeler is literally an absolute pleasure to use.  It produces smooth and silky strokes that’s easy on the hand.  No more stopping between strokes to clean and pull the strings and strands left behind.

Normally peeling cases and cases of asparagus is a dreaded task on the prep list – this time, I was excited to peel the asparagus.  It was a breeze and the time was cut in half.  Love it.

It’s dishwasher safe + it’s ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade won’t rust, pit or corrode.  

THE LIGHTER:  As a caterer, chef, or really any human being that entertains or cooks needs some fire.  Light a candle, light a grill, light a sterno, etc.  Instead of having a bunch of the plastic multi-purpose lighters laying around [some work, some don’t, some got rained on, some burnt out, etc.], I decided to purchase one really good refillable lighter that I would make a conscious effort to not lose, keep in the same place, and carry with us to every event.  Now we aren’t running around at sunset to find a pack of matches to light the candles, or shaking and flickering a busted lighter over and over to light the deep-fryer.

This Zippo Utility Lighter is chrome, reasonably priced, wind resistant, refillable and has a dual flame.  It’s hot. 

- Ninamarie Bojekian


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